I was born in Ukraine and since September 2001 I live in Germany. I have always loved ceramic, but in my earlier life only photography as an art was very important to me, later also graphics. After immigrating to Germany I was able to realize my old dream by starting an artistic education. I studied arts at the Academy of arts in Kassel (part of the university), graphics arts with Prof. Kastrup and ceramic at Werner Gnegel’s institute.

Starting with ceramic I experienced the surprise of being creative with clay and enjoyed the pleasure of the creating process. Later I felt a lot of frustration, too. I wished to maintain the beauty of the fresh clay in the finished object, but in the end I didn’t feel connected with my own creations. Later I was able to see, recognize and like them again. Meanwhile I’m no longer frustrated, but I love and use my own creations.

Modern Jewish Ceramics

by Rita Ostrovskaya