Enjoy kosher

Being a Jew and deeply connected with Judaism, I try to work naturally with clay creating things, which I like to use for kosher living as well as daily as for more festive occasions like Pessach or Shabbat. For example various Mazzah plates, tumblers, mugs, plates, bowls, pots, dishes, vases, cups, teapots, candlesticks – everything is designed and decorated individually and hand made in various sizes. Usually I don’t do the same thing twice.

I’m not only working on things for daily use but also designing various flat shapes with paintings and drawings for wall decoration. I’m looking for harmonizing shapes and I’m using the good and eternal Hebrew letters to give every object its special meaning. I experiment with glazes, slips and oxides. I develop my own methods. Glazes and burning ceramics create often surprises and so every object is unique.

Everything is made from stoneware clay, oxidizing in an electric kiln and fired at 1220°C/2,228°F, ready for use.

Modern Jewish Ceramics

by Rita Ostrovskaya